Pandemic bench

To commemorate the past year of pandemic, Jon Allan, the Chairman of The Friends of Woking Community Hospital (“FWCH”), has built a unique garden bench, inscribed with key sayings from the year, and embellished with wooden replicas of related books.

As the finishing touches are added to the bench, Jon is posting updated pictures of the bench to this website and to the Facebook page Here is how it looks on 6th June. It is made from treated timber, finished with Wickes and Cuprinol garden paints. It seats at least three people in comfort.

FWCH is selling the bench on his behalf, with the hope of raising a significant sum of money to support the hospital.

Jon has agreed that if the buyer is in the Woking area he will deliver the bench to that address and re-assemble it. Otherwise the buyer will need to collect it from him.

Provided that the event can be held, the complete bench will be displayed at FWCH’s Plant Sale at 10 High Street, Horsell on 26th and 27th June.

The sale will be conducted by sealed bids. The bids must be delivered to the Chairman, FWCH, 10 High Street, Horsell, Woking GU21 4UT no later than Wednesday 30th June 2021, after which the bids will be opened. The result will be declared by Saturday 3rd July. To be valid, the bids:

  • must be in sealed envelopes, marked “Bid for pandemic bench”
  • must be signed by the bidder and show the name, postal address and e-mail address and/or telephone number of the bidder, and the amount (in sterling) being bid

The bench will go to the highest bidder. The bids will be numbered in order of receipt. If two valid bids are for the same amount, the one received earlier will prevail.

There is one exception to the above. Before the sale process was finalised, a kind friend offered £250 for the bench. This was not a sealed bid, and is therefore being declared to all other potential bidders. No other unsealed bids will be accepted.

Before the bench is delivered to the winning bidder, or collected, the winning bidder must have paid the full price in cleared funds to The Friends of Woking Community Hospital.

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