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Recent Donations

The Friends of Woking Community Hospital wish to express our grateful thanks to the following for their donations. In the cause of data protection, the list no longer includes donations from living individuals We are of course as grateful as ever to them for their generosity. We are also most grateful to the Members for their support through their annual subscriptions, which are themselves donations, and to those who donate through the Hospital boxes and our Tinshakes.

Legacy from Mrs Judith Childs £24,152

Donations in memory of David Smith £334

Waitrose and Partners, Goldsworth Park £1,500

Donations in memory of Anne McLeod £375

The learners and staff of Woking Adult Learning Centre £115

The Asda Foundation – Green Giving scheme £500

Ecclesiastical Insurance “Movement for Good” £1,000

Barclays Bank matching grant for June 2021 Plant Sale £1,717

Waitrose and Partners, West Byfleet £333

Waitrose and Partners, Goldsworth Park £334

Woking Lions Club £2,500

Donations in memory of Anne Russell £140

Donations in memory of Marjorie Gear £210

Barclays Bank “pound for pound” support for June 2019 Plant Sale £750

Surrey Adult Education staff and students £375

Donations at June 2019 Plant Sale £57

Grove Road Residents’ Association £262

Waitrose Goldsworth Park green disc scheme £509

Colyer Repropoint customers and staff £47

Asda Sheerwater, from the Asda Foundation £200

Donations in memory of W Burnham Clinton £683

Rotary Club of Woking Benevolent Fund £2,000

Halsted Prep School PTA £250

Horsell Bowling Club £1,100

Waitrose Goldsworth Park £215

Hook Heath Artisans Golf Club £614

Waitrose Goldsworth Park £580

Barclays plc “pound for pound” support in each of 2016, 2017 and 2018 £750 each year

Grove Road Residents Association £240

Donations in memory of Alan Priest £250

The ASDA Foundation £500

C A Redfern Charitable Foundation £2,000

In memory of Jane Emmerson £20

Sainsbury’s, Brookwood £20

The staff and customers of Colyer Repropoint £28

In memory of Vin Morgan £188

Staff and students at Surrey Adult Learning £86

Waitrose Ltd, West Byfleet £280

The C.A. Redfern Charitable Foundation, for Margaret Robinson £2,000

Mildred Mary Wood – bequest £1,000

Foresters Friendly Society – Court Newark Abbey £50

Sands at Bleak House – raffle proceeds – £647

Waitrose Goldsworth Park £648

Woking United Reformed Church Meeting Point £50

The ASDA Foundation £200

Barclays “pound for pound”, for Maggie Dawes and the 2015 Plant Sale £750

Donations in memory of Mr AJG D’Arcy Greig £173

Team Esteem and its supporters £3,347

The C.A. Redfern Charitable Foundation, for Margaret Robinson £2,000

Woking United Reformed Church Charity £25

In memory of Gloria Liddaman £ 5,205

In memory of Mrs V Wright £ 255

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