The money which The Friends of Woking Community Hospital gives to the Hospital is used in a great variety of ways. But always it meets a need which the Hospital management have recommended to us on their twice-yearly Wish Lists, or ad hoc.

The Bedser Hub

By far our biggest contribution has been to fund the major part of the construction of the innovative Bedser Hub, a pioneering facility in the integrated care of the frail and elderly. This donation was made possible by a wonderful bequest from the Surrey and England cricketer, Sir Alec Bedser, who was a longstanding Friend of the Hospital.

The Conservatories

The large conservatories on the Bradley and Alexandra wards wre funded by The Friends and add hugely to the comfort of the patients on these in-patient wards.

The Alexandra ward conservatory

Other works and equipment

Examples of other significant funding include a retinal tomograph, wetrooms for the Bradley ward, furniture for the new Walk-In Centre, and a set of portering chairs. We are expecting to make a significant contribution to the refurbishment to the Café. In addition we fund a stream of minor pieces of medical and other equipment.

Regular Items

We fund newspapers for the patients on the Bradley and Alexandra wards, a craft scheme on the Bradley ward, a visiting singer on the Alexandra ward, Christmas parties for the patients, and Christmas decorations around the Hospital.

This retinal tomograph, funded by The Friends, can help detect early signs of glaucoma
We have funded many televisions in the Hospital

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